• 2020.04.06
    Ms. Kido, Mr. Kosaka, Ms. Shimada, Mr. Nagase, Mr. Yamaguchi have joined the group. Welcome!
  • 2020.02.18
    Mr. Paulus has joined the group. Welcome!
  • 2019.12.05
    Poster Prize at the 4th International Symposium on Precisely Designed Catalysts with Customized Scaffolding to Ikuya. Congratulation!
  • 2019.11.21
    Poster Prize at the 9th CSJ Chemistry Festa to Fumiya. Congratulation!
  • 2019.11.02
    Poster Prize at the 23rd Symposium of the Society of Silicon Chemistry Japan to Naofumi. Congratulation!
  • 2019.10.03
    Poster Prize at the 66th Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry, Japan to Ikuya. Congratulation!
  • 2019.08.01
    Dr. Osawa has joined the group. Welcome!
  • 2019.07.01
    Mr. Formica has joined the group. Welcome!
  • 2019.04.23
    Student Presentation Award at the 99th CSJ Annual Meeting to Naofumi. Congratulation!
  • 2019.04.08
    Mr. Shimazaki, Ms. Ishimura, Mr. Ohata, Mr. Seki, Mr. Takeuchi, Mr. Matsushita have joined the group. Welcome!
  • 2019.01.26
    GSC Student Travel Grant Award to Myuto. Congratulation!
  • 2018.12.28
    JSPS PRIZE to Prof. Nakao. Congratulation !
  • 2018.11.17
    Poster Prize at the 8th CSJ Chemistry Festa to Myuto. Congratulation!
  • 2018.11.02
    Oral Presentation Award at the Junior ICCEOCA-8 to Naofumi. Congratulation!
  • 2018.09.02
    Poster Prize at the ISCHA4 to Shogo. Congratulation!
  • 2018.08.31
    Dr. Wu has joined the group. Welcome!
  • 2018.08.26
    Poster Prize at the MACOS to Myuto. Congratulation!
  • 2018.07.24
    Mazume Research Encouragement Prize 2018 to Naofumi. Congratulation!
  • 2018.07.18
    Poster Prize at the ISHCXXI to Myuto. Congratulation!
  • 2018.07.02
    Dr. Kuroda has joined the group. Welcome!